Hedge trimmer man kept out of trouble

Court case
Court case

A man, who stole a hedge trimmer from Louth Garden Centre, has been complimented by a judge on the way he has kept out of trouble since his conviction.

Kieran Richard Thomas, 29, of Eastgate, Louth, had admitted the £150 theft on June 22 when he appeared before magistrates on August 30 and sentence had been deferred to see how he got on.

Judge John Stobart heard that Thomas had been released from custody for theft and drug offences in January 2013 and had immediately returned to Louth.

However Gordon Holt, representing Thomas, said he now had his drug problems under control.

He said he was taking a construction skills course to try and get employment.

The judge said he was ‘impressed’.

“You’ve done well” he told Thomas. “You’ve kept out of trouble and reduced your drugs use.”

He imposed a six months conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £75 in compensation.