Hedgehog charity’s concern over mystery ‘fundraiser’ in Louth


The owner of the Hedgehog Care centre in Authorpe has expressed concern after receiving several queries about a ‘mystery lady in Louth’ who has been collecting money, supposedly to donate to the charity.

Hedgehog Care founder, Elaine Drewery, has said that she would like the lady in question to get in touch and help clear up the confusion.

Elaine said: “I have had reports and queries from several people referring to a mystery lady in Louth collecting money for us by selling blank plastic bracelets.

“Always struggling and dependent on donations, I am very grateful for help and support of any kind.

“However, I am not aware of a lady collecting money of Louth streets, and even doubt its legality.

“To clarify the situation, would the lady please get in touch with Hedgehog Care on 01507 450221. Thank you.”

Anyone who identifies the lady, or sees her collecting money in other towns, is asked to call the number above.

Elaine added that she hopes the situation is a genuine misunderstanding, and has not reported the matter to the police for this reason.