Height barrier outrage at Huttoft car terrace

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The installation of height barriers on coastal carparks has sparked a heated debate over access to the facility and its unwanted visitors.

Angry motorhome owners claim Lincolnshire County Council has discriminated against them by preventing their access to carparks around Huttoft and Anderby as part of a crackdown on overnight campers.

Many agree there has been a problem with visitors staying on site, they feel ‘legitimate’ motorhome owners, such as themselves, have been tarred with the same brush.

“We totally agree that having vagrants living on the terrace isn’t on and we can’t believe it’s gone on,” said Spalding man Paul Marriott.

“But we feel this is an over-reaction and we have been discriminated against. We’re only asking for barriers to be open during the day.”

Lincolnshire County Council’s executive member for the environment Coun Colin Davie has defended the decision as a necessary means to end the unauthorised visitors staying weeks on end and intimidating residents.

“The bottom line is that we had to secure sites because of motorhome owners abusing the situation,” he said.

The row has divided opinion among online commentators many of whom supported the council while others have called for compromise.

However, others took sympathy with the motorhome owners and called for the barriers to be removed during the day so they could access sites at permitted times.

“I am a motorhomer and can’t think of a more beautiful place than Huttoft Car Terrace to spend the day but have been denied this pleasure by a few ‘vagrants’ that want to live there permanently, “ said one disabled motorhome owner.

The situation came to a head last Wednesday when vandals attacked height barriers at Marsh Yard car park for the second time, prompting a furious reaction from Coun Davie. “How can we carry out a policy if people carry out these actions?” He asked.

Legitimate motorhome owners also condemned the action.