Help support the Rotary Shoebox Appeal in Louth

Please help us to support the Rotary Club with their annual shoebox appeal.
Please help us to support the Rotary Club with their annual shoebox appeal.

Here at the Louth Leader we are once again supporting the Rotary Club with their annual shoebox appeal - which helps to spread a little happiness to those in need.

We now enter our 11th year in supporting in the scheme and it’s a chance for you, our readers to help give a gift to children and the elderly in Eastern Europe.

These are people who may struggle to give or receive a gift.

When the Rotary first began the appeal, it was a parcel to give our at Christmas. But now thanks to the overwhelming support from people donating, they are able to give our these gifts all year round.

So instead of wrapping your box in Christmas paper, why not wrap it in brightly coloured paper or draw a special picture for them to see.

It’s an extra way to make the receiver of this gift smile

The shoebox can cater for either a baby, small child, teenager or an older adult.

Along with a donation of £2 left at the top of the box, it helps with the travel costs to get these boxes to where they need to go .

This small gift gives your chosen age range a sense of comfort and gives them a much needed booost when things for them may look to be at its worst.

Whether it be for a man or woman, boy or girl, fill your box with everyday items that we might take for granted - such as small toys, pens and paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, stickers or even a bursh or mirror, wrapped soap and shampoo.

A small gift like this really does go a long way.

To take part in the scheme, pick up a box from us at the Fairfield Enterprise Centre, Lincoln Way, Louth, LN11 0LS. The final collection date will be Friday, November 17.

The gifts are delivered to establishements such as children’s homes, hospitals and long-term refugee camps.

A letter or card to let them know where the box has come from is also another nice addition to add in.

Since the appeal began, the rotary have handed out over a million boxes.