High quality at Louth Cattle Market

There was a good entry of quality cattle in the prime ring at Louth Cattle Market last week with some high quality cattle forward.

The overall average on the day was 211.75ppk with heifers averaging 206.46ppk and topping at 228.50ppk (£1341) and steers averaging 211.37ppk and topping 229.50ppk (1389).

The store ring also saw a good trade with some tidy cattle on offer. The top prices on the day being £1200 for four Friesian steers and £1190 for a limousin heifer.

Many more cattle could have been sold to advantage in both rings.

A strong entry of 287 prime lambs averaged 186.26ppk and topped at 201ppk (£92.50). An entry of 63 cull ewes topped at £84 and 6 cull rams topped at £75.