Highways manager defends pathway salting policy

THE area’s highways manager has defended Lincolnshire County Council’s policy for gritting pathways.

A Mablethorpe resident called the Leader last week expressing concern that many of the towns pathways, particularly around the Marisco Medical Practice, were dangerously icy.

The concerned resident said that the pathways should be cleared as a matter of courtesy especially with the number of elderly people using the centre.

Highways manager, Andy Ratcliffe, said: “We would love to salt all our footpaths and roads but unfortunately this isn’t possible.

“We focus on protecting the greatest number of people by salting all our A and B roads as a priority.

“On top of this we did salt additional roads and some footpaths in shopping areas around the county, but not surrounding this medical practice.

“Please do take care if you decide to go out at the moment as it can be icy in places.”

The county council policy states that grit bins are strategically placed for for members of the public to clear pathways outside their homes and businesses.

For more information about the county council’s work this winter, visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk.

They also have a Twitter feed for their road gritting team, simply follow @lincscc_winter.

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