Homeless outreach campaign to hold ‘sleep out’ in Louth


A local homelessness campaign group are holding a ‘sleep out’ in Louth Market Place on Saturday night (May 3).

Members of the group, East-Coast Homeless Outreach, will gather in the Market Place from 10.30pm onwards. They will sleep out overnight thorugh until Sunday morning, to raise awareness as part of Global Homeless Day.

Organiser Lizzie Morvinson said: “This is mainly to just show people what we do, hand out fliers, and explain in person what we’re about.

“Anyone can bring along a sleeping bag and join us!

“We will also be taking donations on the night (and the following morning) for items of clothing and bedding. We also need food donations from local shops, as we cook every Saturday at a mobile soup kitchen in Grimsby, under the flyover.

“We currently have to find another lock-up, as we are getting so many donations right now. But the sleep out is mainly about raising more awareness about homelessness.”

Join the “East-Coast Homeless Outreach” group on Facebook to find out more.