Homes approved for Louth


New homes are on the cards for a flood ravaged part of Louth.

At an East Lindsey planning committee, members approved an application by Persimmon Homes Yorkshire Ltd to build 15 properties - two blocks of three houses and one block of nine flats - as an extension to their existing development off Riverhead.

The scheme is a second amendment to an earlier scheme that had already been approved.

Because the project is unlikely to worsen the flooding problems that already exist, councillors saw no reason to block it - though they were unenthusiastic in their comments.

“I can’t think why development was ever allowed at this location,” observed Coun Laura Stephenson.

According to Coun Jill Makinson-Sanderson, the site was formerly home to a dry dock dating back to the 17th Century.

She said that occupants of 10 existing properties had been so badly hit by past flooding incidents that they had temporarily been obliged to leave their homes.

Of the proposed design of the new homes, she lamented the lack of detail and insisted: “Louth deserves better!”

A dissenting view came from planning committee chairman Coun Neil Cooper who said the architecture ‘fitted well’ with the warehouse heritage.

“It all goes to confirm that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,” he continued.

Planning case officer Paul Thompson confirmed that Persimmon were ‘technically in breach of a planning condition’ in respect of a previous permission because they had not laid a footpath.

But he said it was understandable that this work should have been put on hold pending completion of construction for fear of the proposed path being damaged.

The officer accepted that this condition now needed to be enforced as part of the approval.