Horncastle man damaged ex-partner’s car after she left him ‘for the sixth time’

Courts PNL-140314-162054001
Courts PNL-140314-162054001

A Horncastle man kicked the door of his former partner’s car because he was annoyed she was leaving him for the ‘sixth time’, a court has been told.

Mason Harris, 23, of Prospect Street, admitted damaging the Peugeot 206 belonging to Linda Bonka when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (August 30).

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Ms Bonka reported to police that Harris had driven his car in such a way as to force her to stop in Boston Road, Horncastle, and he had then got out of his car and kicked her driver’s door.

Ms Stace said Harris was apparently annoyed and had told police it was because ‘she was leaving him for the sixth time’.

She said that in response to a request from Ms Bonka, she was asking the magistrates to impose a restraining order on Harris to prevent him from contacting her.

In mitigation, Beris Brickles said that after the break-up of a two year relationship, Ms Bonka had accused Harris of a number of much more serious allegations but this was the only one the police had proceeded with.

Asking the magistrates not to impose a restraining order, Mr Brickles said Harris was concerned that such an order would be used to ‘beat him round the head’.

He said it was most unlikely the two would meet as he lived in Horncastle and Ms Bonka lived in Lincoln and that a restraining order would be ‘disproportionate’.

He added that police had originally decided to offer Harris a caution provided he pay for the damage to be repaired, but when a bill for £750 was produced, this was above the amount for which they could do so, but he said that amount was too much for the damage he had done, as he was only wearing trainers at the time.

The magistrates said they believed they had a ‘comprehensive picture’ of what had happened and ordered a compensation order of £200 with an order for court costs of £85.

They said it would be ‘disproportionate’ to order a restraining order and refused to impose one.