Horsemeat scandal prompts FSB Keep Trade Local campaign to support local butchers

As the horsemeat scandal continues the Federation of Small Businesses is encouraging people to Keep Trade Local by supporting their local butchers and other independent retailers.

The advice is important in Louth which has so many independent, award winning butchers.

Many FSB members that own butchers shops have reported a dramatic increase in sales following the discovery of horsemeat in some food products. The FSB is urging consumers to shop local and support their independent retailers.

Regulations such as Animal Passports ensure the butcher knows where the meat they are buying comes from and how the animal has been raised. Plus, the Food Standards Agency and environmental health officials can sample products in any butchers shop on demand.

The FSB says research indicates that more of the money spent locally, stays locally with £1 spent with a local supplier worth £1.76 to the local economy, and only 36p if it is spent out of the area.

Sandra Dexter, Greater Lincolnshire & Peterborough Region Vice Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said: “Independent shops often provide a better quality product – it may well have been sourced from a local farm and in many cases won’t have travelled far to reach the shop. It isn’t surprising that some local butchers have seen an increase in sales during the current scandal. We hope that this has a positive effect on the other independent retailers on the high street so that the greengrocer and baker also benefits.

“Shopping locally not only supports the shops on the high street, but the farmer or manufacturer down the road too and it puts the money spent back into the local economy. It has an important social function too being the focal point of the community.”