House fires warning

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PEOPLE are being urged to follow simple safety advice following a spate of accidental house fires in the county.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has attended 25 of these incidents in just 19 days.

The majority are thought to have been caused by cooking appliances and other electrical devices, followed by candles.

Sean Taylor, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue’s group manager for prevention and protection, said: “A fire in your home can be devastating at any time of year, but to risk losing everything at Christmas time is especially tragic.

“Some simple precautions could easily prevent a fire and stop you having to go through the heartache of losing your home – or worse.

“Make sure that you don’t leave cooking or candles unattended; turn off appliances when you’ve finished with them and avoid overloading your plug sockets. And remember that a working smoke alarm will give you the vital time needed to escape.

“Please take a few minutes to follow our advice or call us to arrange a free home fire safety check.”

To discuss concerns or for a free home fire safety check, call 01522 582222 and ask for the Community Safety Department or email For more fire safety advice, visit