How one tweet from reality star Kim Kardashian has changed a Louth man’s life

Jerome Billingham from Louth now has half a million followers on social media.
Jerome Billingham from Louth now has half a million followers on social media.

A Louth man has gone from 200 friends to over half a million followers on social media site Twitter after receiving a message from American reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

Jerome Billingham, 25, said he never even expected her to respond after impulsively sending her a tweet on his way to work.

But now, four years later and thanks to Ms Kardashian’s reply, Jerome makes £5,000 a year through social media as famous faces and businesses ask him to promote their advertising campaigns to his mass of followers - and pay him to do so!

Jerome’s life changed in 2013 when he was on his way to work at his then-employers Micronclean.

Jerome said he had seen a tweet online written by Kim Kardashian who, he admitted, he had a ‘celebrity girl crush on’.

He decided to reply to that tweet and asked her if she ever noticed her 54 million followers, and said that he 
loved her.

To his amazement, Ms Kardashian replied, saying ‘I Love You Too.’

Jerome explained: “At the time when Kim Kardashian replied to my tweet, I never even thought about sharing my story with the media,

“But, out of the blue, all these years later, someone from the national media saw it and wanted to interview me - and from there it has just gone mad. I literally cannot believe it.”

After Ms Kardashian sent the message to him, Jerome gained thousands of followers on his Twitter account in just a few days.

Jerome now works as an activity member at Haven in Mablethorpe and has over half a million followers across two Twitter accounts.

He earns money advertising famous brands on his social media account.

He also has a number of celebrity followers including boxer Tyson Fury and reality TV personality Jake Quickenden.

“I still can’t get my head around it now,” Jerome added.

“Kim’s tweet has opened up a lot of doors for me to be able work with sports company Puma, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Primark - but nothing really more as of yet.”

The social media fanatic is now hoping that with the recent national media attention, Ms Kardashian will message him again.

He said: “Now my story has gone national, even in America where I recently did a live radio interview, I am kind of hoping Kim will get in touch. I would love it - but we’ll have to wait and see.”

Jerome would love a social-media related job full time or to pursue his dream of bringing out his own clothing line as he is a big fan of Kanye West - Kim’s husband.

For the moment, all Jerome could say for now on one of his dream jobs becoming a reality is - “Watch this space!”