Huttoft mother’s shock after slug find

Huttoft resident Helen Clarke pictured with the slug she discovered. Photo: John Crossland.
Huttoft resident Helen Clarke pictured with the slug she discovered. Photo: John Crossland.
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It was a mother’s worst nightmare when she believed she’d found a dead slug mixed in with oven chips which her children were about to eat.

Helen Clarke, of Church Lane, Huttoft, was treating her three young children for lunch at their grandmother’s house near Friskney on February 18 to a half term treat.

“My mum had cooked the girl’s dinner and then spotted what we thought was a bad chip.

“I pulled off the coating and we were really shocked, it really was a slug,” Helen said.

Helen claims she had bought the bag of oven chips from Morrisons in Skegness and after the finding, rang the customer complaint number on the back of the packet, believing the pest to have come from the product itself.

Although later scientific tests have proven it did not originate in the bag.

“When I rang, I was asked if I was sure the slug hadn’t been living in the oven which surprised me and I was told they [Morrisons] would investigate further,” added Helen.

Christine had been cooking chips and beans for Darcey, six, and twins Lacey and Ami, five, when she spotted the creature on the grill tray.

Since the finding, Helen’s mother Christine is said to be upset after it was nearly served up on the girls’ plates and now the children are nervous about finding other creatures in food.

“My daughters keep asking me if they will find any other animals and are only eating their favourite foods such as chocolate at the moment,” explained Helen.

Unfortunately the girls were said to have seen the creature on the tray after their grandmother was so disgusted and ran to the toilet to vomit.

Morrisons collected the ‘slug’ to investigate the matter further and sent the specimen off to be tested at a laboratory.

In report, It concluded: “The foreign body is a slug which is partly coated in cooked batter.

“The ratio of the two predominant fatty acids in oil from the slug is markedly different from that of sunflower oil which is not consistent with the slug having been fried in sunflower oil.”