Icy roads cause traffic chaos around Louth

Police have reported several incidents of road traffic collisions this morning after a freezing night left roads around Louth treacherous for motorists.

In the rush hour traffic this morning, around 8.20am, several cars came off the Bluestone Heath Road at Oxcombe, near South Ormsby.

Police said two lorries were also involved but said there were no major injuries sustained by anyone involved.

The icy conditions, met with bright sunshine meant driving was extremely difficult.

A Lincolnshire Police spokeswoman said officers at the scene of the Bluestone Heath Road reported that it was ‘almost impossible to stand upright’ on a particularly icy stretch.

Two fire crews from Louth also attended a crash on the A157 at Grimblethorpe at 7.45am this morning and assisted a woman out of the car.

Police are advising caution from drivers, especially early in the mornings, with more icy conditions being predicted for Friday morning and into the weekend.

Motorists are urged to take extra time with their journeys.