Improved support for children’s health services

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Latest news

New, more integrated children’s health services are set to bring improved support for children and their families from today (October 1).

The new service model is based on findings from public information events held across the county which included comprehensive feedback from children and young people, parents and carers.

Commissioning responsibilities for public health services has transferred from NHS England to all local authorities.

The council will directly provide the 0-19 children’s health service in-house in the future, providing a more integrated approach to public health and other children’s services.

Key aspects of the new model include a new 0-19 children’s health service, which will:

• provide strong integrated support for all families during pregnancy and in the early years

• allow health visitors more time to spend with families who need them most

• focus more intensive nursing support on children and young people of school age where there are specific health concerns

It will also enhance the council’s existing children and young people’s sexual health and online counselling services to better meet the increased demand for this type of service, and provide investment in a new emotional wellbeing service to give greater access to support.

Councillor Mrs Patricia Bradwell, Executive Councillor for Children’s Services, said: “We have engaged widely over the sort of services people want and these proposals are based on what parents, carers and young people have told us is important to them. With a new emotional wellbeing service, an enhanced sexual health and online counselling service and improved ante-natal and early years support, this should give a much-needed boost for children and young people.”

“We believe this is an exciting opportunity to provide children and families with a more effective, integrated approach to public health and other children’s services. The new service model will deliver better, more comprehensive support for early year’s and children’s health services.”

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