Improvements are underway at Louth Cattle Market

Louth Cattle Market.
Louth Cattle Market.

Following the decision to retain and reinvest in Louth’s Cattle Market in October, East Lindsey District Council and the Louth Market Auctioneers have been working together to enhance it for the future.

The Auctioneers told the Leader that ELDC have now agreed an extension to the ‘notice to quit’ period until March 31, which will allow vital time for the Auctioneers to continue discussions and prepare a business plan with ELDC to look afresh at the whole of the market site, possible additional non-agricultural uses and hopefully agree commercial terms for a new lease.

ELDC’s Portfolio Holder for Finance and Property, Councillor Richard Fry, said: “In December the Council provided a three month extension to the Notice to Quit to allow the Auctioneers more time to consider the proposed lease for the Livestock Market site.

“We are pleased to hear the Auctioneers have already held a community meeting to generate new and innovative ideas for greater use of the site on more days of the week.

“At the request of the Auctioneers, we have appointed an architect at a cost of £2,500 to explore the potential re-configuration of the market site which would allow the Council to consider better utilisation of those elements of the site which could be released, of which one option includes relocation of the sheep pens.

“In addition to this, we are moving forward with necessary refurbishment works over the coming weeks and months, including re-roofing the main Market building.”

Simon Williams, partner at Louth Market Auctioneers, said: “We are delighted that common sense has prevailed and we’ve been allowed more time to thoroughly investigate all the opportunities that the market site offers now that the Council has signalled it is prepared to allow a greater and wider use of the site other than on market days”

“We remain fully committed to operating the market and to ensuring a sustainable future for the facility by having the right terms with our landlords and making maximum use of the site for a range of alternative uses that will assist in making the market financially viable in the long-term.

“We are pleased to report that weekly markets will continue each week. With the uncertainty over our future slowly fading, this is good news.”