IN PICTURES: ‘Louth six’ are arrested and locked up by police in Louth as part of Home-Start East Lindsey charity drive

Six volunteers were arrested and locked up by police in Louth on Saturday as part of a drive to raise money for family support charity Home-Start East Lindsey.

The ‘Louth six’ of Samantha Phillips, Ian Watson, Nigel Hopper, Emily Smith, Kat Bishop and Heather Bruntlett were taken away to Louth Police Station on the fictitious charge of ‘not doing enough for their local community’.

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The jail birds were armed with a mobile phone and list of contact numbers and will need to raise £500 for their release papers.

Home-Start supporters campaigned on their behalf, protesting their innocence and will be collecting in the town centre to help raise the bail money required.

Watch the slideshow to see some of the photos from the arrests and the dreaded cells, supplied by Ian Holmes and Ema Leese.