Increase in number of dogs being abandoned in East Lindsey

East Lindsey District Council is reminding those thinking of getting a dog at Christmas that a pet is for life.

The message comes following a significant increase in the number of dogs being abandoned in the district.

Walkers’ Kennels at Grainthorpe, which is where the Council kennels stray dogs until new owners can be found, is nearly at full capacity with 28 dogs that need re-homing, as well as 11 new born puppies.

While it is important that these dogs are found caring and loving homes as soon as possible, potential owners are asked to make sure they are fully committed to looking after a dog and to remember that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas.

East Lindsey District Council collects around 250 stray dogs each year. The xouncil often sees an increase in the number of dogs it collects in January, following the Christmas and New Year period.

Dog Warden at East Lindsey District Council, Becky Gravett, said: “We always have lots of lovely dogs needing good homes and it’s important when deciding to take on the responsibility of a dog that you take into account it is for the rest of its life - which could be 15 years or more. Potential owners need to be committed enough for the time, training and expense your dog will need for its lifetime. These dogs have already been let down at least once so it’s important we find them permanent loving homes.”

Bill Walker, who owns Walkers Kennels, said: “People dumping and leaving their dogs has dramatically increased in recent months and this means our kennels are nearly full. We now only have a few empty pens left so it is vital that these dogs are re-homed as soon as possible.”

If you think you could offer a dog a good home please contact Sue Garland on 01507 613550.