Industrious Monks’ Dyke pupils are ‘going green’

PUPILS at Monks’ Dyke Technology College took part in a Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) day recently.

All pupils from the school participated, taking part in a variety of events occurring all over the school.

One of the bigger activities during the day took year 10 pupils outdoors to improve on their gardening skills, showing their future green-fingered potential.

The gardening scheme is to help pupils be part of improving the environment at the school and to help in growing fruit and vegtables – as well as making the raised flower beds they would be put in from scratch.

The fruit and vegtables grown from the school’s garden will be used by the food technology groups as well as being made use of in the school canteen.

Year 11 pupils were part of an industry day where they were interviewed for jobs and given feedback by volunteers from the community, giving them a taster of how the interviewing process takes place in the outside world.

Other activities included producing art, perfecting their safety skills and taking part in business interviews. Each year group took part in a different activity.