Infection rates reduced at Louth Hospital

HAND hygiene and public awareness have helped to dramatically cut infection rates in Louth and other Lincolnshire hospitals over the last five years, says the trust that oversees them.

New figures show that the number of cases of MRSA bacteraemia in hospitals run by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust reduced by more than 50 per cent in the last year to just four cases.

The number of cases of Clostridium difficile also took a huge drop by more than 20 per cent over the last year.

Over the last five years, the number of MRSA cases has been cut by 92 per cent and the number of Clostridium difficile cases has dropped by 66 per cent.

This reflects the huge amount of work that has been done in the Trust’s hospitals in a bid to reduce the number of infections suffered by patients to the minimum possible.

Initiatives including deep cleans, staff dedication to infection prevention and control and reducing the levels of antibiotic prescribing have made the reductions possible.

It is also thanks to patients, visitors and staff who have taken the hand hygiene message to heart and ensured that their hands are kept clean at all times.

Margaret Fairless-Clarkson, Nurse Manager Infection Prevention and Control, said she is delighted with the continued reductions in healthcare associated infections across the Trust.

“The reductions we have seen have been very impressive and I am proud of all our staff, patients and visitors who have helped to ensure that we keep our rates of infections as low as possible,” she said.

“We will continue working towards zero avoidable infections within ULH.”