Innovative drug support group receives celebrity backing


A Lincolnshire based drug and alcohol support group, which was launched only one year ago, has taken an innovative leap forward by offering support through the internet based chat service Skype - and has received backing from two celebrities in the process.

Drugs In Lincs was set up in March 2014 by Ian Bertram, whose son Simon 
died from an accidental drug overdose in 2001.

During that dark period, when his son was going through his battle with addiction, Ian searched for the support that he so desperately needed, but drew a blank.

Ian said: “Because of the stigma society has attached to drug and alcohol misuse, it is extremely difficult to talk and describe to friends and family what you’re going through.

“There is a huge drug and alcohol problem in Louth and its not just affecting them, but their friends and families too.

“We need to get the message out that there is support out there.”

The organisation, which held support groups at Louth’s Trinity Centre but now focuses on individual support, has recently become the first organisation of its kind to offer Skype as a support tool.

Well-known poet Benjamin Zephaniah and actress Rebecca Callard have both openly endorsed the organisation.

Rebecca Callard said: “The valuable work undertaken by Drugs In Lincs alleviates the isolation felt by those who support someone with substance misuse issues and I am pleased to give my support and wish this organisation every success.”

Drugs In Lincs will welcome any financial support or keen volunteers who wish to help out. Contact Ian on 07757 946662 or visit