Interactive exhibition in Mablethorpe echoes flood message

1953 Floods in Mablethorpe. Photo: Supplied.
1953 Floods in Mablethorpe. Photo: Supplied.

AS the memories of the 1953 East Coast floods echo along the shore as the 60th anniversary approaches, a new exhibition is being launched.

The call for communities to be prepared for flooding is vital so destruction on the scale of 1953 never happens again.

David Lascelles was one of the survivors of those floods and was only 11 at the time. He explains some of the most vivid memories from the time.

“Crossing Parry Road was a nightmare, and a gamble, owing to the speed of the flowing water and short distance which it was possible to see.

“We ran a very real risk of being hit by large pieces of flotsam which would suddenly loom out of the dark.

“I must say that, being only 11 years old, there was no way I would have made it across that lane on my own. The water was up to my chest and it was hard to stand up in it.”

The exhibition includes stories from those who experienced the tragedy in which 42 people lost their lives, and also looks at the improvements made to sea defences since.

District council portfolio holder for emergency planning Coun Tony Bridges, added: “Although the coast is better prepared for coastal flooding than it has ever been before, we can’t be complacent.

“We hope the exhibition will raise awareness of what happened in 1953 and how people were affected, while encouraging people to make sure they’re prepared should flooding happen again.”

The new exhibition launches on Monday, October 15 in Mablethorpe Library. It is free to view and coincides with the Wolds Words Festival of reading, writing and performance, which takes place from October 15-21.