International Women’s Association enjoys talk on book binding

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Latest news

The International Women’s Association were presented with a talk on book binding at their meeting last month.

The International Women’s Association welcomed 18 members to enjoy this very enlightening talk, presented by Steve Gosse.

Steve explained how he was influenced at a tender age of 10 by his father who also practiced book binding.

During these early years he owned a box camera and enjoyed black and white photography. The famous illustrator William Blake’s work always fascinated him.

Steve had always played around making books, writing poetry and photography as a child.

He had the opportunity, in later years, to attend a Book Binding course in Hull with Glenn Malcolm who inspired and encouraged him to continue down this route as did the Louth Poetry Group.
Steve explained how he had decided to use Birch bark for his book covers and ran us through the process of preparation for binding his own books of photography and poetry.

In this total process he had used templates for wood, leather, paper including glue and varnish utilizing a mull and a large press also made of thick Birch wood with metal clamps.

He showed the group his Olympus camera which he has been using for over 13 years, which enables him to get his lovely photos.

Loading same onto his computer and then printing these remarkable shots. 
The finished article presents a very sophisticated heart-warming piece of art, titled ‘Life Time Love’. You can visit Steve’s web page at
A vote of thanks to the speaker was given by the host of the evening, and the group also thanked their host for her kind hospitality.
The next meeting will be held on Friday July 6, featuring a yoga talk and demonstration by a well-known yoga practitioner in Louth.

For further details contact 07443 848936.