Interview: Louth man Scott Woodthorpe speaks about his Chase victory

Former Louth man Scott Woodthorpe
Former Louth man Scott Woodthorpe

Following former Louth man Scott Woodthorpe’s victory on ITV show ‘The Chase’ on Wednesday (March 26), we spoke with him about his experience on the show and the rare victory that he achieved with his team. Read on for Scott’s insights...

“As we walked into the studio I wasn’t too nervous, but when I saw my name on the contestants’ desk it hit home. We were made at ease by the production staff, and host Bradley Walsh also came over to reassure us and remind us that he’s on our side.

“I was very excited about it all, and I just couldn’t wait to get started. This had been a year since I first applied for it, and it finally seemed worth it.

“Neither the contestants or Bradley Walsh know which Chaser we will be facing until they make their first appearance in the game, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Mark Labbett come out. I consider him to be the strongest of all the Chasers, and he’s probably the most well-known as he’s the original one.

“We actually met up with him briefly after the filming and he’s actually totally different to his on-screen persona - he’s a gentle giant, really! He commented afterwards that he was impressed with my individual performance, which I was really pleased with.

“I was over the moon with the £7,000 I earned in the cash builder. I would have been happy with around £4,000 before the show started. I was totally unaware how many questions I had answered correctly until Bradley Walsh told me. Being a big football fan, I’m still kicking myself that I got a football question wrong.

“We were so pleased with the 21 steps we had achieved for the Final Chase, and being an avid fan of the show, I knew it was an excellent target to set the Chaser as it’s not often a team gets beyond 20.

“I knew with about 30 seconds to go that the Chaser was too far behind to catch us, and the adrenaline was really pumping. “It’s an amazing feeling to say that I’ve been on The Chase and won. It’s not often a team can win, let alone against ‘The Beast’, so it was a very proud moment for me.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by how many people actually watched it and passed on their congratulations. It’s all been a bit surreal really.

“We won £17,000 between us, so that’s £4,250 each. I said on the show that if I won enough I would go to the World Cup in Brazil with friends, but unfortunately I would need a bit more for that, so for now I’ve not spent it and it’ll have to go on something less exciting such as a house deposit.

“This was the first time I’d ever applied for a TV game show, let alone been on one. I’m still not sure what I did that they liked during the auditions, but all I’ll say is that I tried to be myself throughout and be genuine. I’ve certainly got the bug now and will be looking to apply for other game shows - it certainly pays dividends if you do well.

“I would highly recommend it to anyone that’s considering it - it doesn’t cost you anything and just takes 10 minutes of your time to fill out an application form. It was genuinely one of the best experiences of my life.”

• You can still watch Scott’s episode of ‘The Chase’ on ITV Player. Simply search for ‘The Chase’ and scroll down to the episode on Wednesday March 26 (Series Seven, Episode 100).