'Irresponsible drivers are making my life hell'

WHEELCHAIR bound John Burgess has launched a campaign to make drivers aware of the hazards of parking across dropped kerbs.

Mr Burgess, of Trusthorpe Road, Sutton-on-Sea, claims he has had enough of drivers parking on double yellow lines blocking lower sections of the pavement.

He said: "It is incredible how many car drivers will park on areas with dropped kerbs. They have been put in place for a reason, mainly so wheelchair users and people on mobility scooters can cross the road safely."

Mr Burgess said he had been working hard to find a solution to the problem affecting many disabled people in Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-Sea.

He said: "I have belly-ached at all kinds of people from the traffic warden to the police. Drivers seem to have an irresponsible attitude and more action needs to be taken by local enforcers to stop people from parking on these sites."

Mr Burgess' appeal comes after he had an accident when trying to negotiate high kerbs in Sutton. He explained: "If a car is parked across the dropped edge then you have no choice but to try to get down somewhere else, and more often than not this is dangerous as it can tip you out of the chair. I found this out a few weeks ago when I was on my way to the doctor's. It threw me out of my chair because it was too high."

Until recently, Mr Burgess claimed the double yellow lines in Sutton-on-Sea were only in force during the summer months. But he feels motorists have not changed their attitudes and continue to park there at all times.

He said: "Yellow lines don't seem to mean the same to people in Sutton as they do elsewhere. Double yellow lines should mean no parking at any time throughout 365 days of the year."

Coun Bud Shields, also from Sutton-on-Sea, said: "I think motorists parking across these areas are thoughtless. People don't think about those in wheelchairs or mothers with buggies. The drivers are a real menace."

He said he believes a lot of drivers do not even see the kerbs or yellow lines. Coun Shields said: "Painting yellow 'keep clear' messages is a good way forward. If there are double yellow lines drivers must take notice. Make the dropped kerbs more visible and they'll have no excuse to park there."

He added: "Motorists really don't appreciate the difficulties disabled people have."