Is condition terminal? - Fears for the future of Theddlethorpe plant and 145 jobs

The future now looks uncertain for the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal.
The future now looks uncertain for the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal.

The future looks uncertain for Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal and 145 jobs following the announcement that several gas fields which feed into it have ceased drilling.

Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal makes up one of three owned by ConocoPhillips in the UK, with the others at Teeside and Barrow in Furness.

ConocoPhilips has a number of gas fields which feed into the gas terminal at Theddlethorpe, but a spokesperson for the energy giant confirmed these fields will be decommissioned one by one over the coming years, making the blow a slow one.

“A number of ConocoPhillips gas fields that feed into Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal have ceased production. ConocoPhillips has now developed a phased decommissioning programme to responsibly decommission the offshore infrastructure in those fields over the coming years.”

But with all of the ConocoPhillips gas fields being shut down, there is uncertainty about what will happen to the 145 people who are employed at Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal.

ConocoPhillips haven’t yet confirmed whether or not the gas terminal will be shut down, but are currently in talks with other companies.

They added: “The onshore Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal receives gas production from several fields, some are owned or operated by other companies. ConocoPhillips is engaging with gas shippers and other stakeholders around the long-term-plans for the terminal. But there’s no immediate plans to decommission it.”