Is receiving flood alerts enough for the East Coast?

What do you think? Is receiving flood alerts enough for the coast?
What do you think? Is receiving flood alerts enough for the coast?

Town Councillors serving the East Coast believe that flood sirens would still be useful in today’s society as well as signing up for flood alerts.

The debate has been sparked following statistics showing that 75 per cent of people living on the coast are yet to sign up to the flood alerts.

Rachael McMahon, flood resilience advisor with the Environment Agency, said: “Our most effective way of warning people about potential flooding is our Floodline Warnings Direct service. It’s not only more targeted, it doesn’t face the limitations like flood sirens, which can sometimes go unheard due to wind direction or the way modern houses are constructed.

“We’d always encourage people to sign up to Floodline Warnings Direct and ensure their registered contact details are up to date so they can receive timely warnings in a number of different ways.

But two town councillors who serve Sutton on Sea, Coun Bob Dawes and Coun Ian Wild, believe that flood sirens should be used as well as the alerts, so as not to rely on just one system.

Town Coun Bob Dawes said: “All the people that attend my surgery would prefer to have the sirens back, it would be better than just relying on the phone system alone, it’s better to have two systems than one, this would cover all situations.”

Town Coun Ian Wild added; “There are modern siren systems commercially available to provide flood defence warnings.

“Even if everyone living on the coast was signed up to the EA early warning system, that still assumes that the EA will always have lots of time in advance to warn of flood dangers. The truth is they won’t always have time and to mitigate against the risk to life, I believe flood sirens should be put back in place now.”

To sign up for flood alerts, please call 0345 988 1188.