‘It is not the dark ages!’ - Frustrated Louth resident hopes for resolution to five year rubbish nightmare

One of the piles of rubbish left outside Duncan Rossiter's home.
One of the piles of rubbish left outside Duncan Rossiter's home.

A frustrated Louth resident is hoping for a resolution to five years of being plagued by uncollected rubbish outside his home.

Duncan Rossiter, of Kidgate, says he has ‘had enough’ of seeing piles of rubbish left outside his house, often for up to six days before they are taken away by East Lindsey District Council.

The authority said the problem has arisen because the design of the flats do not allow for storage of wheelie bins or bags of waste but insisted it is looking for a solution.

Mr Rossiter said: “It’s a little thing, but I’ve had enough. We have had piles of rubbish outside the house pretty much continuously since we moved in five years ago.”

The problem stems from residents who cannot have wheelie bins being given a limited number of bags for their waste, but Mr Rossiter said the bin men do not collect non-sanctioned bags should residents run out.

“As a result the rubbish remains after collection,” he said.

“If, for example, the rubbish is general waste in black bags it then stays out there in a pile ignored by the bin men on collection as not in purple bags.

“A week later it is still there now with recycling and is ignored again as not recycling bags. This goes on until whoever collects it or someone rings to complain.

“It’s obviously not the council’s fault but it is their job to remove the rubbish and track down/stop the culprits and I suspect it is the same person again.”

Mr Rossiter has been notifying the council via Twitter on a regular basis in recent weeks to alert it of the issue, and the council has been collecting it shortly after.

“I dread to think how much all this running around collecting dumped bags is costing compared to the cost of a few extra bags and it is not increasing recycling as I doubt they sort through and recycle these non-sanctioned bags once collected,” said Mr Rossiter.

“Regardless of the day of the week people dump rubbish on the corner and because there is always rubbish people think they can throw their rubbish on top.

“I have had enough. It seems to be a policy issue, they will not collect until someone who can check it gets around to it. Therefore it sits. No one seems to monitor it.

“I gave up using bags here and now wheel my bins through the house. This is because I don’t want to add to the pile outside and I never had enough bags, people kept stealing them, as they too never had enough.

“I now have more than enough space for the rubbish both general and recycling, which suggests that the council’s bag scheme is ill thought through and poorly managed.

“I am aware tracking down the culprits is hard, most people would now have the sense not to leave letters with their name and address in whilst dumping rubbish.

“However this is not a reason for the council leaving piles of rubbish in the street, it is not the dark ages.”

ELDC’s portfolio holder for the environment, Coun Steve Newton said: “We are aware of this issue and are working to find a way to resolve it.

“The reason this has arisen is that the design of the flats in Aswell Street and Kidgate, in very close proximity to each other with no gardens or passageways, do not allow for storage of either wheeled bins or sacks of waste resulting in bags being placed at the front of properties prior to collection days.

“We are currently speaking to landlords and residents to try to find a solution to this issue but in the meantime will make daily visits to remove any bags of waste that we find.”

Mr Rossiter said he has had a visit from ELDC’s monitoring officer, Jill Trafford, who he thanked for her helping to try to tackle the issue.