It's a Golden Globe for Jim Broadbent

ACTOR Jim Broadbent has won a Golden Globe award for his role in the controversial Channel Four mini series Longford.

Jim, who owned a cottage retreat near Louth for years, played the title role in the series and won the award over fellow nominees James Nesbit and Jason Isaacs.

Longford also took awards for best TV mini-series and Samantha Morton, who played Myra Hindley, won best actress.

Winners were read out at an hour-long press conference at a Hollywood hotel after the usual ceremony was cancelled because of the writers' strike in the USA.

Lord Longford was a prison reformer who campaigned for the release of Moor's murderer, Myra Hindley.

Later this year Jim will star in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, due to open in cinemas in May.

Jim was born in Holton cum Beckering and his parents founded the Broadbent Theatre.

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