It’s crunch time for Sutton on Sea Library

Show your support towards Sutton on Sea Library so it can remain in the heart of the community and stay up and running.
Show your support towards Sutton on Sea Library so it can remain in the heart of the community and stay up and running.

Volunteers from Sutton on Sea Library are ready to charge into action to save their library, but they need support from residents.

This small band of volunteers are working harder than ever and with as much commitment as when they were formed in 2012.

Their hope is to take over the running of Sutton on Sea Library themselves, a challenge they are ready to tackle. But the volunteers are currently waiting anxiously as the crunch time for how the library will be run in future years comes to a head.

The outcome of the High Court Judicial Review into the decision to close the libraries that has been brought against Lincolnshire County Council by Save Lincolnshire Libraries will be heard this week, with the conclusion of how it will impact on those at Sutton on Sea Library to be determined in the coming weeks.

If the outcome of the review goes in favour of the County Council, then the greatest challenge facing the volunteers is to raise the money needed to upkeep the library and access funding to ensure it can remain solvent and enhance the offer to the community.

In order to do this, their plan is to form into a Community Interest Company to act as an umbrella organisation to manage the community hub as a small business.

But now the last element these volunteers need to make their plans viable is the support from residents in Sutton on Sea. A public meeting will be held next Tuesday, July 15, at Sutton on Sea Social Club, starting from 7pm.

Library volunteer Judi Rastall said: “We are faced with the possibility of moving into a new way of looking at libraries.

“For those we believe like we do, that it is worthwhile to have a library in Sutton on Sea that will benefit our community and the visitors who come into our town, then please come along to out meeting and see what it is all about.”

County Coun for Sutton on Sea and Alford, Steve Palmer added: “I have been fortunate to have two libraries in my division under threat, Sutton on Sea and Alford.

“It is important that if people in the community value their library, that they show their support.

“But my personal preference, that the conclusion of the judicial review overturns the decision of the County Council as at the end of the day, you can’t beat a professional run library.”