Jack the lad sadly dies at the Ark animal rescue home as new animals are taken in

Jack the Lad, ‘king of the feral cats’, has died at the Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home in North Somercotes after over 15 years with them.

Writing in the Ark’s monthly newsletter, Laura Morrell paid tribute to the cat who died in January.

She wrote: “We sadly had to say goodbye to one of our longest cat residents Jack the Lad. Jack had been with us many years and came to us, as a feral kitten, from the waste ground which is now Louth’s indoor market between Market Square and Eastgate.

“He was our ‘King of Ferals’ who lived happily and securely roaming the Ark freely. He was a favourite of many especially a kind man from Grimsby who has sponsored him for years.”

Pauline Rice, founder, said: “The Ark went down twice a day with cat traps to catch him, his mother and his four litter siblings. What is now the indoor market was then like a wilderness. Over the years he has had many female feline followers, hence ‘Jack the Lad’.”

Recent admissions to The Ark include Whistler and Katie, two one-year-old German Shepherds, who are typically lively and inquisitive. Six-year-old Sheba is another German Shepherd but is quite different being nervous and unsure of her surroundings. With one to one extra care by Laura and a gradual introduction to other staff she is coming round and will soon be re-homed.

“These are a few examples of the many cases we see where your donations, alongside dedicated and committed staff and volunteers, really do ensure the Ark can make a difference.”

Food donations are vital in the cold weather. Call 01507 358140.