Japanese tea ceremony was a hit at Cordeaux Academy

A little corner of Japan was created at Cordeaux Academy.

The Year 8 Pre-Foundation Learners in the Learning Support Unit have been looking at Japan this term.

As a treat, teachers arranged for students to come together to experience a Japanese tea ceremony.

They created paper Japanese lanterns to decorate the room, were greeted at the door by teacher Miss Roberts in a kimono and sampled fruit flavoured tea, sushi and other sweet treats.

The idea was to give them a hands on experience to enable them to gain an understanding and knowledge of the symbolism and importance of a key ceremony in Japanese culture. Student Jordan Frater said: “I liked eating the sushi and drinking the Japanese fruit flavoured tea. We had a great Japanese experience and it was funny seeing Miss Roberts in a kimono”. The tea ceremony was rounded off with some students having their picture taken dressed in the kimono. The students thanked Miss Roberts and Mrs Jones with the typical Japanese thank you, ‘arigato’!