Jassies Max is set to close after ‘worst Christmas’ of trading

Jill and Nick Heywood at Jassies Max, which will cease trading on Saturday January 30.
Jill and Nick Heywood at Jassies Max, which will cease trading on Saturday January 30.

Popular Louth sweet shop Jassies Max is set to close down at the end of January after suffering ‘the worst Christmas’ since opening.

Owner Nick Heywood has traded in the town for four years, and said that the Market Place store had suffered in terms of revenue over the Christmas period - and footfall was down by 30 per cent.

Nick took on a job as an area manager for Coastfields Leisure last year, and his income from that has been keeping Jassies Max afloat.

Nick said: “It’s been no secret that the shop has been up to let, and we had three parties interested but the cost of the rent and the cost of the business rates has put everybody off.”

A non-retail business has now approached Nick, and will take on the remaining three years of the lease.

Nick continued: “We’ve struggled to get rid of the lease and to make payments, and we are left with some considerable debt, but it’s been a fantastic experience.

“The downside, unfortunately, is that the footfall in the town is nothing like what it was when I started trading in the town.

“When I came to Louth there were three sweet shops and now there will be none. All there will be is the indoor market sweet stall.

“When the town got charges for car parks it had a ripple effect, and from there the town has never recovered.

“People will say it’s a shame that we’re going, but if you don’t use it, you lose it. It may be a cliché, but that’s a fact.”

Nick added: “We would like to thank the wonderful regular customers, and we are sorry that we can’t continue it and be the sweet shop 
that we wanted it to be.”

• The original ‘Jassies’ shop in Pawnshop Passage was taken over by new owners last year, and will not be affected by the closure of Jassies Max.