Joanna gets Mablethorpe in a spin with her yarn enterprise

Joanna Sweet from Mablethorpe, has moved one step closer to her dream of having her own wholesale business and shop.
Joanna Sweet from Mablethorpe, has moved one step closer to her dream of having her own wholesale business and shop.
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An aspiring entrepreneur from Mablethorpe has moved one step closer to having her dream wholesale business thanks to the District Council.

Mum of three, Joanna Sweet has spent the last two and half years building up her Phoenix Yarns business via online sales and successfully sells her yarn to clients all over the world on popular internet auction site eBay.

After encouragement from her mum who sells wool and yarn at the markets in Mablethorpe, Louth, Spilsby and Boston, to set up her online business after giving up, she decided to go down the route of making and selling yarn scarves, and found there was a gap in the market for selling yarn.

Joanna explained: “I tried to sell a few items my mum sells but it didn’t really take off so I was about to give up.

“But then I went into town and saw some knitted scarves for sale and so I went home and set about looking for scarf yarn supplier.”

Joanna initially began with the yarn scarves, but after thinking scarves would be just a ‘fad’, she set up her online eBay shop and decided to see if the yarn would sell on its own.

From there, everything fell into place for Joanna, with a high demand for her yarn, she decided to branch out and went in search of a premises to store the yarn after it began to take over the house.

Thanks to East Lindsey District Council’s Mablethorpe Business Centre, Joanna was able to get the space she needed.

She added: “The staff at the Business Centre are all lovely and they soon become friends rather colleagues.”

The Business Centre operates in both Mablethorpe and Louth and provide a cost-effective purpose built office space on easy monthly terms, without being tied down to lengthy leases.

Wholesale is now Joanna’s next logical step to move her business forward and she also hopes to open a shop incorporated with her business within the town in the near future.

Joanna continued: “I am very thankful of how lucky I am to have a job that fits around my children.

“I take each and every day as it comes and I will working hard like I have over the last two and half years to reach my goal of wholesaler of Phoenix Yarns.”

To find out more about Mablethorpe’s Business centre, give them a call on 01507 474400.