Jobs in Louth under threat as New Linx Housing Trust looks to centralise

Keily House in Louth.
Keily House in Louth.

Up to 49 jobs could be lost in Louth after a housing trust revealed it is looking to centralise its ‘back office’ staff to the Midlands.

New Linx Housing Trust, under the parent company Waterloo Housing, has confirmed the plans this week.

As a result of the move some 49 staff in finance and HR departments could be made redundant as the company looks to centralise at a newly purchased Business Centre in Solihull.

The firm says it anticipates that nearly 150 of its frontline (customer facing staff) will continue to work at Keily House in Gresley Road in Louth, or alternatively will work from home.

It is understood the move will begin in the summer and be complete by the end of 2013.

Waterloo Housing Group Chief Executive David Pickering said: “Waterloo Housing Group (which includes New Linx Housing Trust) needs to be ready for changes such as welfare reform - which will have a significant impact on associations such as ours and many of our customers from April 2013.

“We have gone a long way in recent years in achieving greater consistency in service delivery for customers, and we feel that it is now the right time to bring all of our ‘back office’ functions together in one location to provide consistent support to the front line services to customers.

“As a result, we have now purchased office premises in the heart of the Midlands to serve as our new Business Centre.

“Indeed over the coming year we plan to build 311 affordable rented and low cost ownership homes in Lincolnshire, and between 2011 and 2015 will in fact be building in total over 630 homes in the area, which is 40 per cent of our entire new house-building programme.”

He continued: “As a responsible employer, we are in the process of a detailed consultation about our plans with staff over the next few weeks.

“This may result in some staff changes with some roles being based in our new Business Centre in Solihull, though the exact numbers are of course subject to individual consultations with staff themselves.

“Essentially for residents, the service should not feel radically different to now, but we think that the planned changes to our services across the group means we are far better prepared for the future.”

A spokesman added: “For the moment our local office in Lincolnshire will be at Keily House in Louth. Should we relocate at some point to alternative office premises, these would also be likely to remain in the Louth area, which reflects our commitment to working in Lincolnshire.”

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