John Martin Keily

THE FUNERAL service for John Martin Keily was held at St James’ Church, Louth, on May 24. He died at Louth County Hospital on May 9 aged 83.

The service was conducted by Canon Stephen Holdaway and the funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc. V. Walker Funeral Services), Louth.

John was born in Alford in 1927, an only child.

His father died when John was 12 and with his mother got by on a pension of 15 shillings per week, a small investment income and renting out a room in the house.

When John was at Alford Grammar School he was nearly two years younger than the average age of boys in his form and achieved his School Certificate at 13.

At 17 John was articled to a partner in accountants Forrester Boyd in Grimsby. The next year he was called up for National Service in the Royal Navy.

On being demobbed in 1948 he returned to Forrester Boyd and qualified as a chartered accountant.

The Louth office was at 5 Market Place and his office was on the first floor. His first job in the morning was to carry coal up from the cellar to light a small fire in his office.

He was made a local partner in 1955 and a full equity partner in 1964. John specialised in the finances of farmers, many of whom became lifelong friends.

He was inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Louth in 1956 and served as president in 1961-62 and 1996-97. He was treasurer in 1963-64, secretary in 1971-74 and treasurer again from 1999 to 2003.

At district level he served as treasurer and vice-chairman.

It was John who built a lasting link with the Danish Rotary Club of Ry.

His involvement in nature conservation began in the late 1950s, weekend wardening on the Saltfleetby-Theddlethorpe nature reserve.

In 1969, Forrester Boyd became auditors for the Lincolnshire Trust for Nature Conservation and John was responsible.

In the late 1970s Forrester Boyd also became auditors for the Society for the Promotion of Nature Conservation, and John became consultant accountant and a member of the society’s finance committee.

When that involvement ceased with his retirement from Forrester Boyd in 1987 he took up another national appointment as honorary treasurer of the Watch Trust for Environmental Education.

John helped the Lindsey, now Lincoln and Lindsey, Blind Society in transporting members to meetings and became a trustee in 1973, then treasurer, vice-chairman and chairman from 2007 to 2010, when he was made honorary president.

He was clerk to the trustees of the John Gainsborough Bedehouses in Legbourne, trustee of the Orme Almshouses in Louth, founding trustee and chairman of the Ayscough Hall charity, secretary and treasurer of the Louth Hospital League of Friends, chairman of Louth Probus and treasurer for the Louth Sports Forum.

From 1982 to 1990 John was financial director of the Louth, Mablethorpe and Sutton Building Society. When it merged with the Bradford & Bingley the only bad debt was 42p, where a client could not be bothered to write it on the cheque after the preceding large figure in pounds, a testimony to John’s financial management.

When he was 65 John underwent a quadruple heart bypass which gave him a new lease of life.

In 1996 he was awarded a Louth Town plaque for services to the town.

He was a member of the Louth Naturalists, Antiquarian and Literary Society.

John’s greatest achievement in retirement was his role in establishing Linx Homes, now the Linx Housing Trust. He was the first chairman of Linx Homes and then vice-chairman to 2006.

When the Linx Homes offices in Stewton Lane were opened in 2002 they were named Keily House as lasting recognition of his services to the community.

Family mourners: Mrs Stephanie Davies stepdaughter, Mrs Wendy Gough stepdaughter, Miss Serena Gough and Mr Stephen Fenn granddaughter and partner, Mr Joel Gough grandson, Miss Joan Mills cousin, Mr and Mrs Martin and Kate Clarke cousin, Mrs Pam Daubney cousin, Mr and Mrs David and Laura Brassington cousin, Miss Jill Orme cousin, Mr Robert Orme cousin, Mr and Mrs Bryan and Jane Brassington cousin, Mr David Rose Blade, Mr Michael Vaughan, Mrs Susanne Heltzen.

Other mourners: Mrs Margaret Ottaway, representing the Ottaway family and the Riorden family, Mr and Mrs C. Hickman, also rep Keith Hemming and Mr and Mrs P. Clifford, Mrs D. Mack, Mr John G. Adams, also rep Nigel and Joy Frow, and Tony Jacklin, Mrs Ruth Blanchard, Mr P. Scamen, also rep his son, Mr Christopher Rolph and Mrs Marie Taylor, also rep Arthur and Ann Platts, and Paul and Sharman Haigh, Mr John Carter, also rep the Alford and Mablethorpe Rotary Club, Mr and Mrs Don and Barbara Briggs, Mr and Mrs Frank and Val Mummery, Ms Teresa Maybury, Mr Tim Sands, rep the Royal Society of Wildlife Trust and the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, Mr Andy Wilson, Mr Denys Tear, Mr Bob Dixon, Mr Michael Crannage, Mrs Irene Gleeson, rep Alvingham Parish Council, Mr and Mrs Peter and Janet Fridlington, Mr and Mrs Bob and Sue Fletcher, also rep Mr and Mrs A.C. Thornally, and Ann Thornally, Mr Ben Fawcett, also rep Hazel Fawcett, Mr and Mrs Philip and Maureen Shucksmith, also rep Ann Davies and David Shucksmith, Mr and Mrs Peter and Angela Oatway, rep Forrester Boyd, Miss Molly Turner, also rep Mrs Katie Gosling, Mr Peter Brittle, Mrs Helen Dawson, Mrs Lesley Smith rep the Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mr G.M. Cooper, Mr and Mrs Paul and Lesley Ashton, Miss Gina Ashton, Mr Steve Czornyj, rep the Louth offices of Forrester Boyd, also rep Mr and Mrs Luck, and Luck of Louth, Mr Ray Wood, also rep Mrs Sue Lowis, Mr John Boazman (vice-chairman of New Linx Housing), Mrs Carol Chevins (president – Louth Inner Wheel Club), Miss Teresa Doe Rotary Club, Louth, Mr and Mrs Graham and Ina Medcalf, Mr Bill Radcliffe, also rep Joyce, Mr S. Chattington, Mrs Jan Gallagher, also rep Mrs Shirley Hanson Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mrs Jane Cowling, Mrs Gill Watts, Mrs Mary Finch, rep the Finch family, Mr Martin Stebbings, also rep Annie, Mr Bob Trafford, Mrs Barbara Norton, Mrs Doris Carter, Mr Jack Whyman, Mrs Barbara Fowler, Mrs Jane Wright, Mrs Jane Briggs, Mr Frank Meechan, New Linx Housing Trust, Mr Neil Ellis, rep Forrester Boyd, Mr and Mrs Lee and Simone Knowles, Miss Leigh-Anne Knowles, Mr Dan Noble, Miss Louise Knowles, Miss Vanessa Knowles, Mr Philip Byrne Louth Rotary Club, Mrs Jeanette Dale, also rep R.M. Dale and H.M. Dale Farmers Ltd, Mr Howard Genn, Miss Lesley Jones, Mr Allan Dunning, Mr Phil Stevens, rep Turner, Evans, Stevens, Mr Paul Dimbleby, rep Bridge McFarland Solicitors, Mr Patrick Purves, also rep Judy Purves and Roger Bygott, Mrs Anne Stratford (chairman of governors) rep North Cockerington Primary School, also representing the Stratford family (Alvingham), Mr John Laking also rep Diane Laking, Mr Brian Burnett (chairman) rep the New Linx Housing Trust, Mr Philip Cook, Mr Charles Baron, Mrs M. Ottoway, Mr and Mrs M. Ashton, Mr and Mrs J. Ashton, Mr and Mrs N. Ashton, Mr and Mrs John and Margaret Needham rep Louth Rotary and Richard Needham, Mr and Mrs Ken and Jean Patience, also rep Brian and Brenda Batchelor, Mrs Pat Parrish, Mrs Audrey Skeath, Mr James L. Needley, also rep Len Taylor (district governor), Alford and Mablethorpe Rotary Club, and John Barkers Solicitors, Mrs Shirley Palmer, Mrs Sarah Morris Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mrs Elizabeth Broderick Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mr and Mrs David and Joyce Robinson, Mr David Clayton, Mr Alan Stovin, Mr and Mrs K. James, Mrs Gill Rymer Linx Housing Trust, Mrs Joyce Wilkinson, Mr Michael Chevins Louth Rotary Club, Mr Mac Smith, also rep. Mrs Stephanie Smith, Mrs Margaret Hill, rep Louth Museum, Mr Phillip Wilson, Mr Albert Maw, Mr and Mrs Richard and Chrisander D’Arcy Louth Museum, Mr and Mrs Malcolm and Pat Neal, Mr Ken Drinkell, also rep Joan Kirkby, Mrs Val Elvidge, Mrs Janet Welch, Mrs Mary Oxley, Mr Gus Robertson, also rep Tuff Robertson, Mr Brian Papworth, also rep Mrs Mary Papworth, Mr Stephen Larder Forrester Boyd, Mrs Tessa Holdaway, Mrs Ruth Gatenby Louth Museum, Mrs Joan Rigall, also rep. Roz Rigall, and Rigalls Removals, Louth, Mr Kerry Coggle, also rep Peter Mountain, Mr Russ Harrison, Mr and Mrs David and Ann Gelsthorpe, also rep Barrie and Patricia Moore, Mr John Walker, Mr John Macdonald Louth Rotary, Mrs J. Utley, Mr John Lill, Mr Geoff Nelson, Mrs Beryl Keyte Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mr David Hodgson Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mr and Mrs Derek and Gill Turner, Mr Jim Palmer and Mrs Shirley Palmer, Mr Pam Holborn, Mrs Rose Dobbs, rep the Horncastle Rotary Club, Mr Martin Chatterton Louth Rotary Club, Mrs Shirley Burton (former employee), Mrs Mandy Johnson Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mrs Julie Baines Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mr Geoff Hill Louth Museum, Mr John Beaumont, Mrs Pamela Ledger, Mr Simon St. Quintin Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mr Patrick King Gainsborough Trust and Skegness Rotary, Mr Martin Chapman, also rep Caroline Chapman, Mr Wilbourn, also rep Mrs Wilbourn, Mr Keith Barker, also rep Liz Barker, Mrs Margaret Blyth Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mrs Pauline May, Mrs Jane Pocklington, also rep Mark, Mr Martin Barnard, Mr Charles Thompson, Mr Hugh Williams, Mr Stephen Savage, also rep Juliet Savage and Wilkin Chapman, Mrs Margaret Anderson, Mrs Jane Fletcher, Mrs Ann Rogers, Mr Alex Henshaw, rep Alco Estates Ltd, Mr and Mrs Anthony and Virginia Wiseman, Mrs Audrey Moore Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, Mr and Mrs John and Grace Barker, Mr and Mrs Michael and Jessica Banks, Mrs Carol Henderson, Mr and Mrs David and Bev Bryant, Mr Brian Wood, also rep Mrs Chris Wood, Mr Sam Hicks, rep Probus, Mr Mike Thornalley, Coun Dick Edgington, also rep Coun Doreen Stephenson, Mr Ray Kemp, rep the British Red Cross, Mrs Mary Smith, Mrs Jean Shucksmith, also rep Rachel Shucksmith and Sandy Loveday, Mr John Green Gainsborough Trust, Mr Russell Howard, also rep Mrs Jean Howard, Mr and Mrs Keith and Nyria Bailey, Mr Paul Wiles, Mr and Mrs Patrick and Christine Hagan, Mr John Howard, also rep Barbara Howard, Miss Mary Mountain, Mrs Noelle Taylor, Mr and Mrs Roy and Jill Done, Mr Brian Ward, Mr Robert Ward, Mrs Amanda Houghton Museum Guide, Mr and Mrs Tim and Carol Morrell, Mr Stuart Shucksmith, Mr Fred Cooper, Mrs Ann Campion, also rep Binnie and Jenny, Mrs Jo Chapman, Mr and Mrs Brian and Maureen Fox, Mr and Mrs David and Patricia Williams, also rep Judy Taylor and Tony Horn, Mr Philip Day, also rep Mr Andrew Wareing and Wilkin Chapman, Mr Andrew Leonard, rep the Hubbard Hills Trust, Mrs Jill Makinson-Sanders, Ms Gail Wiles, Mr Michael Mites-Berry, Mrs Jane Harvey, Mr Neil Sharpley, rep the Sharpley family and Louth Sports Forum, Mr Ian Fletcher, also rep David Buckle, Mrs Melanie Wrisdale-Hewitt, also rep Stephen Hewitt, Mr John Crawford, rep the Sharpley family, Mr Harry Burgin, Mr Eric Pigdon, Mr John, Walker, Mrs Karen Topliss, Mr David Stanbridge, Mr and Mrs J. Read, Mr and Mrs Ken and Jean Patience, also rep Brian and Brenda Batchelor, Mr Richard Drinkel, also rep Mary-Anne Drinkel and The Orme Almhouses, Mr Frederick P. Weir, Mr Ken Drinkel, Mr & Mrs David and Ann Gelsthorpe, also rep. Barrie and Patricia Moore.