John Monk MBE retires as Chair of Governors from Sutton on Sea Primary

John Monk. Photo: Supplied.
John Monk. Photo: Supplied.

After devoting many years to children at Sutton on Sea Primary School, John Monk MBE, has retired from his post as Chair of Governors.

Ex-headteachers, Governors and current members of staff from the school gathered together to celebrate and acknowledge John’s long association with Sutton on Sea Primary School and honoured his devotion and unstinting support to staff, parents and children alike.

John commented on his decision to leave his position and the shock of being recognised at a celebration evening set up by the school.

He said: “It was a very hard decision to retire from my position as Chair of Governors, but I just felt like my time had come to leave.

“Everything I did, I performed in the best way I possibly could and felt like I have left the school on a high.”

John continued to say: “I still hope to go back and help at the school on the odd occassion, maybe in the New Year.

“I was absolutely gobsmacked to see that so many people had turned out to my presentation evening, it was fantastic.

“The only disappointment, was unfortunately my wife was unable to be there to share the evening with me.”

John began his association with the school when he himself attended the school as a young boy.

After his education and a spell working in the local post office, John returned to the school in 1981 as a caretaker.

In this role. he not only cared for the fabric of the school but also became a vital support for the staff.

As well as everyday issues that were solved, his expertise also became useful when putting on school productions, his unrivalled ingenuity helped to create many stage sets and props.

John added: “Some of my fondest memories from my time at the school was doing pantomines with the children.

“I have so many memories from the school, all positive.”

John had made such an impression on the then school managers, that he was invited back as a corporate governor in 1985.

During his terms of office, John was elected as Chair of Governors twice.

John also gave up most Wednesday afternoons to volunteer in school, becoming a familiar and much loved help.

He was accessible to staff, who would seek his opinion over any issue and would offer his support whenever it was required.

The time he also devoted to Governor’s meetings, and associated paper work and official duties are far too many to contemplate.

John was presented with a box of memories into which people contributed objects, pictures and stories of his time at Sutton on Sea Primary School.

He was also presented, as custodian, with the Sutton on Sea railway sign.

This, until recent times and a spell of remodelling, had been displayed in the school.

It was felt the sign was wholly appropriate as John has been described as being ‘one of the foundation stones of the school’.

Likewise he remains to be a pillar of community life in Sutton on Sea.

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