Join in the search for ‘lost’ playing field in Alford


Carnegie UK Trust and Fields in Trust have launched a campaign to find and protect over 900 ‘lost’ playing fields across the UK - one of which 
is believed to be in Alford.

The #FieldFinders initiative aims to locate and catalogue playing fields which were set up with the aid of a grant from Carnegie UK Trust between 1927 and 1935, and ensure that they are legally protected 
from developers.

The Trust allocated the sum of £200,000, equivalent of around £10 million today, to over 900 different playing fields in each of the countries of the UK, eight of which are believes to be in Lincolnshire.

The exact location and details of some of these fields was never centrally recorded.

The original grant amount for the Alford site was £20, which was presented on December 6, 1928.

Residents will have until August 31 to report back via a dedicated web portal about their Carnegie playing field.

Members of the specialist Fields in Trust team will then begin the process of improving legal protection of the site to keep it safe for generations to come.

Douglas White, Head of Advocacy at Carnegie UK Trust, said: “When these grants were made it was a significant sum of money for outdoor recreational spaces across the UK. A requirement of the grant was that the playing fields should remain public areas for the benefit of the community 
in perpetuity.

“We want to find as many of these fields as possible and ensure that they remain legally protected for the local community.”

Each confirmed location where legal protection can be added will then be given the chance to win one of two £5,000 prizes to make improvements 
to facilities, such as children’s play areas.

Kathryn Cook, Partnership & Communications Manager of Fields in Trust, added: “Of course, if you have any photos, do share them with us.

“This is a very important but labour-intensive job, and we really need the support of local communities to help us protect these valuable assets for the long term.”