Join the Hollywood elite with new fighting system in Louth

Members of Keysi Fighting Method in Louth.
Members of Keysi Fighting Method in Louth.

HOLLYWOOD’S favourite defence system, used by the likes of Tom Cruise and Liam Neeson, has been shipped across the Atlantic to Louth.

Keysi Fighting Method is a form of street defence which teaches students how to fend off one or more attackers while giving the chance to keep fit and meet new friends.

James Breakspeare, head coach at KFM Louth, explained: “Keysi Fighting Method is a cultivation of the human instinct and works totally on an evolutionary process of what the human being does naturally.

“It is an art form dedicated towards the study and investigation of survival of the modern day streets.

“Because the streets are in a constant state of evolution so must we be; we must be fuelled by constant research and investigation, allowing ourselves to evolve and grow daily.

“Keysi Fighting Method lives in the blood and not in the collection of techniques.”

The training is conducted in a wide range of ‘real’ environments including nightclubs and bars with loud music, strobe lights and smoke machines.

Keysi Fighting Method Louth is currently taught on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Meridian Leisure Centre from 8pm until 9 pm, open to anyone aged 17 and over, and no previous experience is necessary.

For details call James on 07742614922 or visit .