Kangaroo spotted on loose in village

A MOTORIST got a shock when she saw a kangaroo hopping around Aby.

Pauline Clarke told us: “I was driving through Aby at 8pm on Wednesday night. I caught sight of two pointed ears and a thin face, thinking it was a large deer I slammed on the brakes. I started to reverse and the ‘deer’ went around the back of my car and to my surprise it hopped!

“I quickly turned the car around then slowly followed it down the road. I tried to take a photo of the three to four foot kangaroo but my camera isn’t any good in the dark. I slowed a RAC van down to a stop who also couldn’t believe his eyes, at the sight of a kangaroo in a rural village.

“I went to a house to ask them to phone the RSPCA but got no answer.”

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