Keep Louth Special: Cattle Market decision presents ‘exciting opportunities’ for future


The ‘Keep Louth Special’ campaign group has spoken out following last night’s decision to retain and refurbish the Louth Cattle Market.

Alan Mumby, from Keep Louth Special, told the Leader: “Keep Louth Special is delighted that the livestock market has been saved, and we congratulate ELDC councillors on their decision.

“We have campaigned for many years on this issue, predominantly against the threat of a major supermarket chain buying the site, but retaining the livestock market on the site has always been central to our cause. It is, after all, an integral part of Louth’s heritage and the local economy.

“We have always been sympathetic to the Council’s need to generate income, and we have consistently maintained that, with imagination and vision, the whole site could become not only commercially viable, but also present exciting opportunities for cultural and educational activities.

“In recent months Louth has started to buzz, with new cafés, wine bars, a micro pub, more live music, the festival, and so on.

“The Livestock Market site could be part of that regeneration: one foot steeped in history, the other a part of 21st century Louth!”

Earlier today, the CLA (Country Land and Business Association) also praised the move, following last night’s crucial vote to save the Cattle Market.