Keep Louth Special welcome Aldi supermarket plan

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The Keep Louth Special group has ‘cautiously’ welcomed the plans by Aldi to demolish the Malt Kiln in Newbridge Hill and build a medium sized supermarket there.

KLS’s Nick Louth said: “We feel that the development offers an attractive option to Louth consumers who need access to low cost food, without running the risk of doing much damage to the premium offering within the town’s independent shops. It is a far less damaging project than a large supermarket being built on the livestock market.”

Though the size of the Aldi store is a ‘little larger’ that Keep Louth Special would have liked to see, and it isn’t quite as ‘well connected to the existing town centre’, they say it would remove an eyesore, and would ‘crucially provide 140 spaces of all day free car parking’.

The group say this is something the town is in ‘desperate need of’ since the local authority ‘steeply increased parking charges.’

Alan Mumby, KLS chairman, said: “The crucial point is that Aldi provides only own brands and a limited fresh food offering. It will not being going head-to-head with the town market nor the specialist food shops which helped earn the town its accolade of Britain’s favourite market town.”

The group will wait to see that the actual Aldi planning proposal, expected in mid August, bears out the advantages it claims.

These include:

Aldi says it will have only one daily delivery, fewer than most similar sized stores, and with unloading within the store should minimise noise disruption to neighbours.

It claims it will use local firms to help build the development.

It will locally source produce.

KLS has already made suggestions to Aldi for improved pedestrian and cycle access to the site, and for a design frontage to Newbridge Hill in keeping with the area, and will monitor the plan as matters progress.

Keep Louth Special is opposed to any plan to build a supermarket on the livestock market site.