KEVIGS head ‘fed up’ after torrent of abuse towards his staff and pupils

King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth.
King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth.

The head of King Edward VI Grammar School (KEVIGS) says he is ‘fed up’ following a torrent of abuse and intimidation against his staff and students - including a large stone being thrown at a senior teacher.

James Lascelles said there have been ‘numerous incidents’ over the past half term involving groups of young people - who do not attend KEVIGS - congregating at the school’s gates at the end of the day and being involved in anti-social behaviour (ASB).

Mr Lascelles has raised concerns that some of the incidents had allegedly involved students in Louth Academy uniform, while others involved youngsters who were not in any uniform.

A spokesman from the Tollbar Multi-Academy Trust said there is ‘no evidence’ that any Louth Academy students were involved.

However, Executive Principal of Louth Academy Martin Brown confirmed they were ‘working closely’ with KEVIGS staff regarding the situation.

Mr Brown said he and other Academy staff members had visited the KEVIGS site to ‘assist’ on several occasions.

Mr Lascelles revealed he had contacted police about the incidents.

He told the Leader that PCSOs had attended the school recently, and have offered to return on a regular basis to monitor the situation.

One incident, at the end of last month, involved a senior member of staff at KEVIGS being hit by a stone while he was on bus duty.

In an email seen by the Leader, the member of staff said: “When I walked back towards the gate, I felt an impact on my right shoulder blade.

“I’d been hit by a stone approximately 1.5” in diameter.

“If it had hit me higher on the head, I’m pretty sure it would’ve drawn blood.

“I turned and saw the culprit (a Year 10 or Year 11 boy with dark hair) running off.”

He added: “End of term bravado, perhaps, but it could’ve actually been quite a nasty wound.”

Other reported incidents have involved KEVIGS pupils being intimidated by groups of teenagers - and KEVIGS staff members being subjected to verbal abuse.

In a statement, Executive Principal of Louth Academy Martin Brown said: “We are working closely with KEVIGS staff regarding this situation and both myself and members of my staff have visited the site on several occasions to assist.

“There are a small number of Cordeaux Academy students who wait outside KEVIGS in the afternoon, often because they have friends who attend the school.

“However, there are also a number of children who gather outside KEVIGS either on foot or on bicycles who are not from either Louth Academy or Cordeaux Academy, these are likely to be either students from other schools/alternative provision, or who may have left school.

“I remain vigilant to this issue and any evidence of Louth/Cordeaux Academy students misbehaving outside KEVIGS will be dealt with using our discipline policy.

“Issues like this are usually successfully resolved by schools working together within the community, without the need for press involvement.”

A spokeswoman for Lincolnshire Police declined to comment and said no PCSOs were available to speak to the Leader.