King Edward cadets on army rations in quarry

Cadets were tired but exhilirated after an exercise in a quarry at Little Cawthorpe.

Sixteen cadets from the Army Section of King Edward VI Grammar School CCF took part in exercise Wathgill Cadet at the quarry, by kind permission of Maj Lill, retired.

The cadets were preparing for their forthcoming summer camp and revision in various subjects, testing and teamwork were the order of the day.

The weekend started with section formations, field signals, and section battle drills.

Lunch, tea and breakfast were supplied by the British Army - in the form of 24 hour ration packs.

This was followed in the afternoon and evening by a night exercise, incorporating a recce patrol and observation of an ‘enemy position’.

On Sunday the culmination of the training and testing resulted in an exercise walkthrough including a safety brief for all cadets and staff, followed by a blank firing exercise within the confines of the quarry.

All too soon it was weapon cleaning time, packing up of kit, and cadets to return to their homes tired but excited by their weekend exercise.

Capt Ray Davies said it went well for the cadets.

He said: “A very good training weekend which will encourage our cadets to perform well under the auspices of the Cadet Training Team at summer camp.”

If you would like to join the CCF, you must be a pupil of King Edward VI Grammar School be 14-years-old and in year 9.