Kitten season arrives at the Ark

The Ark
The Ark

Kitten season has well and truly arrived at the Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home - and the need for cat food is as great as ever.

Fourteen kittens came into the Ark in the space of a month, all were either born outdoors alone or had been abandoned by their owners.

They now have 28 kittens on site and with each kitten having at least two pouches a day the need for kitten food donations never ceases.

All the cat pens are still occupied, despite rehoming doing well the waiting list is always being added to.

The latgest Ark newsletter said: “Two innocent 10-week-old kittens, Darcy and Eva, were brought to us after the owners had done a moonlight flit taking all with them expect their two cats! They have settled in very well and seem unfazed by their abandonment. And they are now awaiting the loving home they deserve.

“An interesting admission was that of Chunky a three-year-old giant continental rabbit! He came to us owing to his owner’s ill health. Such a lovely gentle giant! He was soon rehomed to one of our vets’ nurses after she dealt with him during his neutering.

“Another great rehoming story is that of Oscar the four-year-old Jack Russell who came to us back in December 2011 after being abandoned at a local boarding kennels.

“Oscar is a lively yet anxious boy and was rehomed quite fast but unfortunately was returned when the owner’s marriage broke down. He then found another home in February 2012 and was happy there for a year until his anxiousness of dogs turned into quite intense dog aggression.

“Despite training classes he was just too much for the couple and was again returned to us.

“Whilst here his dog aggression persisted yet this month he has been happily rehomed to a man with an elderly dog that is blind and deaf. Such an amazing sight to see, as Oscar not only accepts him but guided him along constantly checking on him. They now share a bed and even their food bowl!”

The Ark is holding a sponsored horse ride on Sunday September 8.

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