Lacey Gardens Junior School Sky Rainforest winners

LACEY Gardens Junior School have been crowned Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge Team of the Week for their work to protect the rainforest.

Nine pupils from the school formed a team called the Green Snakes Action Team and won the award by taking action to help protect the rainforest through the Food We Eat challenge, part of the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge.

For winning Team of the Week, they picked up a white FLIP HD pocket camcorder.

The head-strong nifty nine have been meeting every Friday to research relevant subject resources online to learn about how their actions here in the UK are affecting the rainforest.

The Green Snakes team members expressed their joy on the win. They said: “We are really happy to win Team of the Week and we have worked really hard to get it. It has been really good fun to do and we have made some new friends too.”

All team members have been hard at work doing an array of activities around the school, including creating a rainforest display, presenting a powerpoint presentation for their school assembly and have planted herbs.

The team also held a Fairtrade breakfast. These activities have encouraged team members to think about the food they eat and can grow here in the UK, and inspired discussion around local products and reducing food miles.