Ladies queue ‘Aldi and all night’ for new Louth store

Two ladies will have camped outside the new Aldi store in Louth for an incredible 46 hours by the time it opens tomorrow morning (December 3), having secured their place at the front of the queue for the special ‘golden ticket’ prizes on offer for the store’s first customers.

Lyn, 61, and Carol, 71, who are both from Nottingham, decided to park up their camper van while on their way back home after visiting a friend in Skegness.

Lyn (61) and Carol (71) have been camping outside the new Aldi since Tuesday morning.

Lyn (61) and Carol (71) have been camping outside the new Aldi since Tuesday morning.

The two ladies, who have been parked up at the store with their two pet dogs since 10.30am yesterday, told the Leader that the lure of the ‘golden ticket’ prizes was what made them decide to stop off in Louth.

Lyn said: “We had a couple of spare days, so we thought ‘why not’? Let’s get a 55 inch TV! A nice new telly for Christmas.”

She added: “The staff and the manager have been ever so good to us. As soon as we parked up yesterday they brought us a cup of coffee.

“The weather hasn’t been too bad so far. We slept in the camper van last night but tonight we’ll be camping outside.”

The pair explained that they had camped outside before, including queuing for Cliff Richard tickets at the Nottingham Ice Arena ten years ago.

Lynn continued: “We are crazy, it takes crazy people to do things - we don’t do normal!”

Carol added: “You have to live every day as you want to live it, because you never know.

“We just enjoy ourselves when we do these crazy things!”

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