Laura’s loving life despite ill health

Proud mum Janet Abbott with her daughters Laura Bishell (middle) and Kelly Bishell.
Proud mum Janet Abbott with her daughters Laura Bishell (middle) and Kelly Bishell.

On the outside 23-year-old Laura Bishell looks like any other woman her age, but on the inside she battles a rare immune system deficiency which causes her to get ill around every three weeks.

Laura lives with her family in Conisholme, but despite suffering from Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), her proud mum, Janet Abbott, explains that she lives life to the max and couldn’t be happier.

She said: “From birth Laura has always struggled with illness, from coughs and colds to infections, tonsillitis and two bouts of pneumonia.

“We were told time and time again by the doctors that it was something she would grow out of, but it wasn’t until a school trip to Belgium when Laura was 15, when on her return home we were told 
that she had been very ill the whole time of the trip, that doctors finally diagnosed 
her with the rare CVID condition.”

Now that Laura has been diagnosed she has to have Immunoglobulin (white blood cells) via a cannula in her arm, given to her every three weeks and will have to undergo this two-hour treatment for the rest of her life in order for her to stay as healthy as possible.

Janet added: “But through all of this, Laura remains a happy, lovable young lady who has many friends.

“As her mum I am so proud of her and I believe she is an inspiration to us all.”

Laura who is a part-time care assistant and enjoys riding horses, crafts and writing poetry, is thankful to all those people who take the time to give blood.

She said: “I would just like to thank everyone who donates their blood.

“They are giving me and many others across the world the most precious gift anyone could ever give, the gift of life and for that I am eternally grateful, so thank you.”