Lawyer takes top position

A Louth solicitor has taken the helm of a national agricultural organisation.

Philip Day, partner at Wilkin Chapman Grange Solicitors, has become the national chairman of the Agricultural Law Association (ALA). The ALA is now the UK’s premier independent inter-professional organisation dealing on an agenda-free, non-partisan, non-political basis with all matters arising in connection with rural business. The ALA is regularly consulted by government on legislative and policy changes.

Members appointed Philip to lead the organisation, based on his years of experience in law and the work he has done to help shape agricultural policy.

A specialist in agricultural law, Philip has worked in the region for 40 years, based in Wilkin Chapman Grange’s Louth offices.

He said: “What is important about the ALA is that it is impartial, and drives clear messages on behalf of agricultural professionals everywhere right to the heart of government. “