Learn to Sign with Olli author Garry Slack writes Lincolnshire sausage poem

Award winning children’s author, songwriter, playwright, poet and presenter Garry Slack has penned a poem about the origin of the Lincolnshire sausage.

The Lizard of Louth tells the tale of how the county’s very first sausage was made!

Garry, who lives in Stamford, said: “I am very interested in local folklore and the heritage of this wonderful county. Recently, whilst doing some research in my local library, I came across a legend of a dragon who lived near Louth.

“This inspired me to write The Legendary Lizard of Louth - or How the Lincolnshire Sausage came to be! This is a light hearted poem that I think may be suitable for The Lincolnshire Sausage Festival in October.”

Here is an excerpt -

Mr Coggles sliced up the dragon’s body

And pulverised the meat

Then added salt and pepper

To make a lovely treat

He squeezed it into sausage casings

Made from the Lizard’s feet

Now all that was needed was a frying pan

And of course, a source of heat

The butcher eagerly lit the fire

And put the sausages in the pan

And very soon the air was filled

With the best smell known to man

The Lincolnshire folk began to arrive

From miles and miles around

Each one bewitched by the gorgeous smell

And the seductive sizzling sound

Soon Louth was full of hungry people

Eager for a taste of the beast

Sir Hugh declared to the waiting crowd

“Let’s begin this truly Lincolnshire feast”

He ends with the welcome advice: “Don’t worry, sausages aren’t made from dragons any more, But from tasty cuts of Lincolnshire pork, So you can be sure you are eating the very best, The next time you put one on your fork.”

Garry created the children’s sign language book series Learn to Sign with Olli, featuring the character of Olli, a little monkey who loves to sign.

Olli has now been adopted as the figurehead by a national charity to raise awareness of deafness and the importance of good communication skills.